Elemente Studio
Create once run anywhere
An autumation tool with built-in framework.
Version 1.0.0
Automate Scripts from Manual Test Cases
User can create scripts using standard manual test case to automate web applications.
Project or scripts created in one environment can be used in another environment.
Reusability through parameters and iterations.
Cross Platform
Elemente Studio can be used in Windows, MAC & Linux platform.
Remote Execution
The in-built remote engine helps user to remotely execute scripts within or cross platform.
Devops Ready
Using external API path, Elemente Studio can be used with any continious integration tool that supports API calls.
Easy Automation
Elemente Studio uses standard manual test case format for creating scripts and hence its easy to learn and implement and no code knowledge required.
Command Line & GUI Automation Tool
Elemente Studio has built-in console to give console experience and fast execution.
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Configure to run scripts in different iterations
User can choose the test wheather to run a single test or a batch of test scripts or batch of tests. Easy configuration, multiple iterations with different data.
Debug from command line during test run
User can debug or pause the test during run and can resume the run easily.
Welcome to Elemente Studio © www.elementestudio.com 2018 >> Debug Mode
  • Capture Screenshot
  • Stop On Error
  • Notify On Error
  • Stream Report on Remote Execution
Configure the error reporting
User can configure the error reporting, execution speed, reporting type and error limit.
Create once, Run anywhere
Elemente Studio is a platform independent, portable and can run on any platform.